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Costume and Prop Shop

Since I volunteer on a lot of micro-budget films, some of which are film races with limited time allowed for gathering all the "stuff" that is needed, this is my very unsophisticated way to let filmmakers and their art departments know that, besides the fact that I really need to have a garage sale, I have a great deal of out-of-the-ordinary items available for loan when I'm attached to the project. I've also acquired a hand-full of costume items, which are also listed. In the future, I may use a "store" format for this page, but for now, please contact me well in advance if you need me to bring any of these items to the set. Thanks!

* NEW ITEMS NOW LISTED:  Look for the symbol for recently added items

(I will accept nominal contributions for use of "consumable" items.)


Potential Props:

Antique Brass Car Horn (Sorry MIA)

Baby - personally hand-crafted, very convincing, fake pregnant belly, third trimester 

Baby/Toddler - baby stroller, double, side-by-side

Baby/Toddler - Graco portable crib

Baby/Toddler Items - cribs, 1 wooden, 1 steel framed

Baby/Toddler Items - toddler bed, steel framed

Baby/Toddler Items - various; exersaucer, booster chair, potty seat

Backdrop - large frame w/1 blackish drop and 1 autumn/goldish drop, HEAVY

Backgammon game - leather case

Backpacks - several kid, school, camping, military & misc. styles

Basketballs - up to 3 patriotic themed, up to 3 Army ACU digital themed

Bicycle - Schwinn Ten-Speed, red, boy style frame - great for that 70's/80's look

Bicycles - family's personal, mainly mountain or hybrid, youth to adult - please inquire for specifics

Binoculars - large, black, old ("field glasses" - Grandpa's) with tan leather case (MIA)

Blankets - many in varying size, color, quality, etc.

Boom Boxes - 1 lightweight dual cassette, 1 fat w/cd & detachable speakers

Bottles - 1 Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey bottle with cork 

Bottles - 8 fancy oil & vinegar bottles with lids

Bottles - Glass Whiskey decanter with stopper 

Bouncy Balls - 2 light blue kid sized

Bowls - woodweave, set of 8 (like for pretzels in a bar scene)

Bread Box - wooden, garage-style door

Briefcase, Aluminum - black handle, detachable black strap, built-in lock with key (key might be MIA)

Cameras - non-valuable functioning vintage 50's collection

Camping Chair - very small, attached soft cooler & mini picnic set

Cane - wooden (tall person)

Card Table with 4 fabric-seated chairs (table top was damaged by little hands & sharp scissors)

Card Table with 4 brown metal folding chairs (good condition) 

Catering - see "Restaurant/Catering"

Cauldron - large black plastic, 1

Cauldron - medium (14 inch) black plastic, flimsy handle 

Cauldron - small black (9.5 inch) plastic, 3

Chairs - resin patio, white, a few

Changing Rooms - 1 Boy Scout Stall Style (can be staked), 1 springy-tube

Club - caveman, homemade foam+fabric (MIA)

Computer Equipment - old large CPU

Computer Equipment - old large monitor

Computer Equipment - old printers, at least 1 dot-matrix

Cookie Jars - a few vintage (or just old & odd) in storage

Coolers - various sizes and colors

Crayons - lots and lots all together

Dress Form - not really nice, leans

Easel - child's, well used, clip-on only, may not have tray

Engagement Ring - size 7, cubic zirconia gems on "silver"

Exercise Equipment - Ab Revolutionizer

Exercise Equipment - Adult jump rope, black (MIA)

Exercise Equipment - Dumbbells, set of 2 5lb gray

Exercise Equipment - Handled long stretch bands

Exercise Equipment - Iron Gym (doorway chin-up bar)

Exercise Equipment - KEFTY (I could get in trouble for this one, though)

Exercise Equipment - Profile 3300EC Exercise Bike 

Exercise Equipment - Sharper Image Love Handler

Exercise Equipment - Ski Machine, NordicTrack, non-motorized

Exercise Equipment - Treadmill, NordicTrack EXP 1000i, motorized

Exercise Equipment - Treadmill, NordicTrack Walkfit, non-motorized

Exercise Equipment - Yoga mat, black, at least 1 (we have 2, just not sure about finding the other)

Fabric, raw (from several unstarted, unfinished and spec projects)

Fans - several table size (12"), one pedestal, 1 box (not sure about cord)

Fast food baskets - 4-6, not all the same color & slightly different sizes (maybe)

Fire Pit - outdoor, table style

Firewood holder (hearth) - brass

Fishing Poles - at least 4

Fitness Balls - 1 blue, 1 purple

Flowers, artificial - long stem roses, 1 each: red, gradient dark pink, white

Flowers, artificial - small bunch of white roses suitable for wedding bouquet 

Foof Chairs (look it up) - 4' size, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow (has marker marks)

Foot Bath - electric bubbling & massaging

Gags - Value Size bottle (750 capsules) Stool Softener (MIA)


Goblets - 4 Libbey Claret 11.5 oz wine glasses (on loan)

Golf Clubs - men's right-handed, youth boy RH, youth girl RH, youth LH

Hair Dryer - Soft bonnet style, NON-functioning

Hammock - cargo net style with stand (MIA)

Hand Bags - several varied

Heater - Propane (Mr. Heat contractor series 35,000 BTU)

Ice Bucket - Blue plastic, partially transparent, handled with liner & lid 

Ice Bucket - Clear acrylic, handled, with bee, butterfly & flower liner & lid 

Ice Cubes - FAKE, non floating (Ashland Decorative Fillers) 

Institutional - small kids classroom chairs, 8 (also a kids' classroom table, but VERY heavy)

Laundry Baskets - happen to have a lot, many similar, plus hampers

Lawn Mower - MANUAL; old-fashioned, yet modern (works, too!)

Lights - Christmas icicle strings

Lights - SAD light therapy

Luggage - various sizes, types, colors

Mats, daycare nap - at least 2, not matching

Mattress Pad - foam rubber topper, queen, slight damage

Medical - Blood Pressure Cuff; automatic battery powered, digital

Medical - Blood Pressure Cuff; manual with attached stethoscope

Medical - Crutches; aluminum (also have post-surgical shoe and a leg splint)

Medical - Elbow Support, IMAK "Pil-O-Splint" (keeps elbow stationary with arm almost straight)

Medical - Nebulizers; 1 regular, big, noisy, 1 small, quiet, travel

Medical - Stethoscope

Medical - Walker, short to medium height, TEMPORARY  

Microscope - toy, pretty fakey, missing parts, might do in a pinch (MIA)

Mini Trampoline - some visible damage to the skirt

Mosquito Netting - 1 white, 1 scout green

Motorcycle - Yamaha V-Star

Musical Instruments - drum ?set,? small, electronic, toy (battery powered)

Musical Instruments - euphonium

Musical Instruments - guitar, folk, nylon string

Musical Instruments - oboe, wooden (valuable)

Musical Instruments - recorders, plastic, at least 2

Musical Instruments - trumpet

Musical Instruments - ukulele 

Musical Instruments - viola, 14-inch

Musical Instruments - violin case, empty, deteriorating

Musical Instruments - violin, full size

Phone - old brown office style, at least 1

Photographic Equipment - various relics, many simple 35mm (ask for specifics)

Planters - 3 half-whiskey-barrel-style wooden pots

Police - Victim Crime Scene Set (Spirit) contains 100 ft tape, outline chalk, 5 evidence markers

Punch Bowl Set - crystal

Rain Ponchos - at least 3

Restaurant/Catering - Candle Holder, Taper, Star Shaped, Glass (4) 

Restaurant/Catering - Candle Holder, Tea Light, Stemmed, Glass (4) 

Restaurant/Catering - Champagne Flutes (8) 

Restaurant/Catering - Small Beverage Glasses (8) 

Restaurant/Catering - Small Juice Glasses (8) 

Restaurant/Catering - Small Pedestal Sundae Dishes (8) 

Restaurant/Catering - Sugar Dispenser (pour out), Glass w/Stainless Steel Top 

Restaurant/Catering - Sugar/Sweetener Packet Holder (4) 

Restaurant/Catering - Table Number Card Holders (4) 

Retro - 2 sets of 3 cassette tape storage drawers

Retro - vinyl record albums, very small sets of LPs and 45s

Rose Petals - fabric, red, pink & sheer pink, enough for a romantic bedroom scene (might be MIA)

Rug - Area, medium/large, country colors/patterns

Rug - throw, a handful of various

Shoe Organizer - over-door (in use)

Sleeping Bags - various styles & colors

Stop Sign - Rallye Stop Sign toy, fillable base, 33 inches tall (might be MIA)

Telescope - Meade 70AZ-AR (computer guided, mounted to tripod) (might be MIA)

Towel Warmer - electric 

Tractor - Kubota lawn tractor (mower) with/without bagger, pull-behind "wheelbarrowish" trailer, pull-behind de-thatcher; winter plow/snow-thrower

Traffic cones, orange - 3 19", square base, stackable

Traffic markers, orange - pair 49", octagonal base, telescoping shape, stackable

Traffic markers, orange - pair 49", square base, reflective stripes, non-stackable

Trailer - flatbed; able to transport motorcycle, tractor, and/or just lots of stuff

TV - analog: 1 big working, 1 big VCR input only working, 1 big non-working

TV - analog: 1 small working w/built-in VCR, 1 6" combo w/clock radio

TV - 26" Dynex HD, awaiting repair (prop only)

TV Tables - set of four light oak with carrier

Vehicle - 1996 Blue Mazda MPV Sport (sport utility VAN); last model with 90-degree swinging back doors; seating for 7, first & second row captain's seats, third row bench; sun roof, luggage rack, tow bar, some rust

Vehicle - 2002 Black Honda Accord LX four-door with sun roof

Vehicle - 2004 Green Ford F150 Super Crew (4-door); coated bed & matching flat topper (which can be removed and is seasonally outfitted with 3-bike transport rack); towing brake

Vehicle - 32-foot CAMPER (pull behind) purchased in 2019, stored in Brainerd for winter - stay tuned!

Wand - Star Wand (Spirit)

Watering Can - large, green

Weapon - Bokkens, wooden, 2 adult, 2 child

Weapon - Bow Staves, 3 adult heavy and 1 adult lite

Weapon - Compound PSE Bow & 6 Arrows (use of this requires that I am the shooter)

Weapon - Foam Shield (Blast Master?), worn

Weapon - Heavy Bag (free-standing kicking bag w/fillable base

Weapon - Kammas, 2 or 3 pair

Weapon - Nerf guns, moderate arsenal

Weapon - Nunchaku, 1 black, 1 blue, 2 foam practice

Weapon - Samurai swords w/black sheath 2 short & 2 long

Weapon - Small foam targets (kick pads) 3-5

Weapon - Sword & Shield, wooden, children?s, 3 sets



Animal Print Stretch Pants

Blaze Orange - hunting apparel; various items sized kid to adult

Bowling Shirt - "The Kingpins" black with aqua collar & front panel, standard

Dress - Maroon and tan checkered 40's era 

Glasses - 2 pair geeky black, 1 pair geeky red (horn-rimmed?)

Glasses - ladies' & men's eyeglasses, with and without correction, variety (e.g., nerd, cat-eye, wire-rimmed, etc.)

Glasses - ladies sunglasses, modest selection including novelty ?20?s style?

Glasses - (Spirit) Vampire Glasses

Hairdresser Apron (bib-style) black 

Hats - ladies natural straw w/pink flower; ladies white paper weave, ladies fur winter

Hats - various military and other

Helmet - motor cycle, have a few in a few sizes

Lab Coat - White, long, size 46/48

Military - several pair army BDUs, generally fitting 5'10" and about 38" waist

Robes - graduation, black (also double for judge?s) 1 fitting ~5?6?, 1 fitting ~5?10?

Robes - graduation, black master?s style

Scrubs - extra large Minnesota Vikings set

Scrubs - several plus size pieces & pairs (dark & light blue sets, black, red, white pants)

Taekwondo Uniforms - belts, kid through adult sizes of all colors

Taekwondo Uniforms - doboks, various child through adult sizes in white & red, 3 youth sized black; school names on the back of all tops

Taekwondo Uniforms - sparring gear, kid through adult sizes in taekwondo sport bags (hogu, helmet, gloves, pads, retired but well-used, so?.)

Tie Dye - t-shirt, adult extra large (Groovy 60's Costume)

Tie Dye - tank top, adult extra large (Groovy 60's Costume)

Wig/hairpiece - Blonde clip-in bangs 

Wig/hairpiece - Brown musical wig

Wig/hairpiece - Frosted curly bun cover

Wig/hairpiece - Frosted curly hairpiece (like thick, medium ponytail)

Wig/hairpiece - Old Lady Wig, adult (silver/gray)


Special Effects/Makeup:

Blood - Bottle of Blood (Spirit), 16oz., (looks and flows like real blood) 

Blood - Living Nightmare Gel Blood (Spirit) turns from liquid to solid in minutes; peels off

Blood - Spray Blood (Spirit) 2 oz. 

Blood Splats (3) for window or floor 

Blood - Theatrical for "Night Stalkers" (Spirit) looks, flows and thickens like real blood

Brain molds (2) - silicone, for cakes or gelatin 

Fog Machine (sort of) - Mist Maker with LED (Spirit) operates with plain water

Hair Color, Temporary - Color Spray, Black 

Hair Color, Temporary - Color Spray, Metallic (silver) 

Hair Color, Temporary - Highlight Spray, Icy White

Hair Color, Temporary - Highlight Spray, Pale Blonde

Legs - Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs Water Resistant Spray-on Perfect Legs

Skin - Ben Nye Liquid Latex

Skin - Ben Nye Wrinkle Stipple

Skin - Liquid Latex (Spirit) 16 oz. 

Tealights - LED 6 pack (Spirit) orange

Tooth Blackout Camouflage (Spirit) black wax

Wound - Bullet Entry / Exit (Spirit) 2 pieces

Wound - Medium Cuts (Spirit) 3 pieces

Wound - Scar Putty (Spirit) 

Wound - Spirit Injury Stack (cuts & bruises) 5 colors

Wound - Spirit "Shredded" (1 piece) 

Wound - "Target Practice" (Spirit) 5 pcs. 


Special Connections:

Archery - whole family shoots (shop we had connection to closed)

Ballroom Dance - I know people

Barbershop Harmony (quartets, chorus) - I know people

Martial Arts - I knew people (this could be out of date); esp. 3rd degree black belt instructor who would love to be in films (big guy who could also do stunt work; would make a great bouncer) and he also knows people of even higher caliber

Military - husband is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the MN Army National Guard; HE knows people

Photography - husband is an excellent freelance still photographer - see some of his work at (contact me)